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Giuliano Picchi founded the online magazine Scenography Today in 2016 as a place of reference for designers working with scenography and spatial design. The purpose is to foster excellence by inspiring a readership of students, professionals, and performing arts lovers.

The Scenography Today platform now consists of an online publication, a social media community of 100k + engaged followers across channels, and a network of professionals who represent excellence in the field. 

Scenography Today is regarded as an influential voice in the field and has become part of the teaching materials at schools and universities worldwide.

During my architectural studies, I realized that, unlike architecture, scenographic design lacked dedicated online magazines. This spurred me to establish Scenography Today.

I am now thrilled every time a young professional from some world region tells me how the platform has helped them in their educational and professional path.

Curating a selection of scenographic experiences

Scenography is crafting sensory elements in space and time to create immersive environments in various settings. It uses design and perception principles and techniques to evoke emotions, enhance storytelling, and engage audiences through captivating and meaningful experiences.


Traditionally stemming from the performing arts, scenography is applied to exhibitions, museums, fashion shows, landscapes, and architectural settings, in which the temporary character of the creation particularly allows for experimentation.



Giuliano Picchi is a cultural manager, creative economy specialist, researcher, author, and founder, driven by the belief that the arts and culture are main forces of change and growth at a global level.


To contribute as a global, active citizen to the development, growth, and progress of our societies.