Fellow at Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences

August 4, 2023
August 4, 2023

Giuliano Picchi has been appointed as a Fellow at Harvard University, FAS RLL. Under this appointment, he will conduct research on creative practices that make a measurable impact on society.

This collaboration with Harvard is associated with two initiatives: the DRCLAS Project Cases for Culture and the Cultural Agents Initiative. Both aim to foster and promote creative practices that contribute to social transformation and positive change.

One focus is on the use of the Pre-texts protocol. The Pre-Texts protocol aims to support an individual’s development, particularly through decreasing fear and depression while increasing learning. By recognizing interpretation—through arts—as the vital vehicle for discovery, it stimulates one’s curiosity to learn more.

The methodology consists of engaging tactile and performative arts adapted to diverse learning styles. With a chosen theme in mind, the protocol generates a seamless mix of readings and art-making experiences. Reading aloud, asking questions, and enabling participants to follow their tangents are essential components of the approach. The individual benefits from regular interaction with the Pre-Texts facilitator and meets in groups three times per week.

The target audience for the Pre-Texts protocol encompasses local youth wanting to enhance interpretive and leadership skills, ESL students, immigrants learning English, and seniors capable of supporting youth.

By participating in the Pre-Texts protocol, the individual can expect several positive outcomes. These include increased engagement in community stewardship projects, sustained learning between academic years, improved literacy scores in school, and richer intergenerational dialogue as they explore interpretations of history and nature.

Giuliano Picchi is a cultural manager, creative economy specialist, researcher, author, and founder, driven by the belief that the arts and culture are main forces of change and growth at a global level.


To contribute as a global, active citizen to the development, growth, and progress of our societies.