United Talents for the Future

Accelerating the power of the cultural and creative sectors.​

Giuliano Picchi launched UNITA – United Talents for the Future in 2021. UNITA serves as an umbrella organization that brings together like-minded individuals and organizations from different sectors to unleash the full potential of creative and cultural initiatives.

UNITA is not just about promoting cultural and artistic pursuits; it is about amplifying their impact on a global scale. To achieve this goal, UNITA fosters cross-sectoral partnerships between individuals and organizations worldwide. It furthermore promotes initiatives in support of emerging creative careers.

UNITA’s approach is holistic and informed by its advisory group of top professionals. By building connections between global strategies and local action, UNITA aims to drive meaningful change in the joint endeavor toward a more prosperous and peaceful world.



Giuliano Picchi is a cultural manager, creative economy specialist, researcher, author, and founder, driven by the belief that the arts and culture are main forces of change and growth at a global level.


To contribute as a global, active citizen to the development, growth, and progress of our societies.